libsoup-2.4 branch merged to trunk

I've just merged the libsoup-2.4 branch to svn trunk. This is a big API
break that fixes a ton of problems with libsoup. Coming soon: new
features! Language bindings!

I've filed bugs in bugzilla with patches for bug-buddy, evolution,
evolution-data-server, evolution-exchange, evolution-webcal, gtkhtml,
libepc, rhythmbox, seahorse, and swfdec. (I forgot gvfs because it
didn't have a libsoup dependency yet when I first made my list, but I'll
fix that.) But anyway, expect jhbuild to be broken for a bit.

For other non-GNOME-release stuff that uses libsoup, the new API docs
will presumably magically show up on at some point,
but until then you can look at,
and in particular If
you have any questions/comments about the new APIs, just email me (or
libsoup-list), or bug me on IRC.

-- Dan

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