Re: [sigc] Linking dynamically with SigC++ (now rather: License)

On Samstag 14 Juli 2007, Chris Vine wrote:
> Since the libsigc++ source files are distributed under a licence
> enabling them to be used and copied under "version 2.1 of the License,
> or (at your option) any later version", happily this avoids you having
> to obtain the consent of every person who has contributed code to
> libsigc++ (assuming that they have explicitly or impliedly donated the
> code on those terms).  You do not need to change the licence to v3 to
> achieve the required result, although you could do so.

IANAL, but AFAIK this is not true.  You can *never* change the license at all 
without consent from the authors.  It may be that an author wants his code to 
be available under "version 2.1 or later", not under v3. :-(

But IANAL, so take this as another of these non-authoritative contributions to 
a license discussion thread.. ;-/  (FWIW, I repeatedly read the above on the 
kde-core-devel list.)

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