Re: libseed-list A couple o' wee Tutorials

I've got a few emails in box so I'll reply to this first and get round
to the rest later.

On Thu, 2010-02-18 at 15:15 -0500, Tim Horton wrote:
> +1; you guys are free to do whatever you want to the wiki, and a page
> with tutorials sounds like a *great* idea

I'm doing overtime at work this Saturday and Sunday and I've got other
stuff to do that can't get done during the week so I'll try to make a
start on it when I get some spare time. 
> Also, if you have Gnome Git access, you're both free to commit to
> Seed. I'll still make releases, check on tests, and keep an eye on
> what's going on, certainly, but having school and various other things
> going on right now makes it hard to have much time for Seed; it would
> be great to have other people committing directly without the overhead
> of bugzilla/patches (on both ends).
I was really only intending to get involved in the documentation side of
this project but as I've come to realise, being a very young project,
I'll have to 'get my hands dirty and go under the bonnet' to find what
whether the code I use is functioning properly or not. If by doing this,
if I can get up to speed with C, GObject, JS and the internal workings
of Seed, I'll try to help on the coding side but not promising
> The Gnome reference manuals are generated by gtk-doc, which does scan
> the source. However, I think racarr was talking about coming up with a
> way to work around that to generate something more like the PyGtk
> reference ( But I don't
> think that went anywhere.
> With all the different bindings going on, we should definitely come up
> with some sort of global solution for this, though, which takes GIRs,
> and, given some mapping information for each language, generates nice
> gtk-doc. Not sure how to do this, though.
This is worth looking into as while writing tutorials is beneficial, a
set of reference manuals like PyGtk would be a lot better.

> There's a lot of stuff in the Seed reference manual about the C-side
> API, but not very much abou	t JS-side stuff (which is mostly in the
> old, really bad, pure-HTML reference stuff that you guys have seen
> around). I had planned to move that over but haven't gotten a chance
> to do that, and it's been a really long time.

I haven't touched the C-side part of Seed but I have had a look at the
documentation material and it is top drawer stuff!! 

I've made a note of finding this all the JS-side stuff and putting it in
the Seed Wiki when I get the time. If you having any stuff lying about
your hard-drive, please mail it to me and I'll see what I can do with

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