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On 09/12/13 21:59, Jiří Techet wrote:
Hello Mathieu,

the question is - is this quadkeys location encoding usable for
something else than Bing and if not, is it legal to use Bing tiles
with libchamplain? I haven't searched much but found this

which doesn't look very encouraging. Frankly if it's used only by Bing
and there are any licensing issues, I would be very hesitant to add
such a patch because people would be tempted to use it in a
not-quite-legal way. The last thing I want are some legal disputes
with Microsoft.

Thank you guys for responding so quickly.

Honestly I don't know much about the legal aspect of using Bing or
Google maps. My assumption was always that if I were to use libchamplain
to access tiles from, say, Google maps (since their tile servers use
X/Y/Z coordinates) then *I* would be the one infringing on their term of
use, not libchamplain.

I understand that the difference with Bing is that they are the only
ones at the moment to use the quadkeys encoding. But then again anybody
is free to implement his own tile server with quadkey encoding. I
personally find this encoding pretty elegant (and I don't often
compliment MS).

As an alternative, how about expanding the ChamplainNetworkTileSource
class to allow the user to pass a function returning a URI, as an
alternative to passing a format string? The user function would
basically replace get_tile_uri and do the URI encoding in different
legal space.

Mat <mat parad0x org>

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