Re: Support for quadkeys

On tor, 2013-09-12 at 21:59 +0200, Jiří Techet wrote:
Hello Mathieu,

the question is - is this quadkeys location encoding usable for
something else than Bing and if not, is it legal to use Bing tiles
with libchamplain? I haven't searched much but found this

which doesn't look very encouraging. Frankly if it's used only by Bing
and there are any licensing issues, I would be very hesitant to add
such a patch because people would be tempted to use it in a
not-quite-legal way. The last thing I want are some legal disputes
with Microsoft.

I have no idea about any licensing issues (haven't read any ToS) but
wanted to supply some links that indicates that it seems possible to
conform to Bing's rules:

- The iD-editor on has a Bing Aerial layer that people uses to
  map new areas.

- OpenLayers has a Bing layer in their default API:

- There's a Leaflet plugin listed on the official Leaflet plugins page 
  providing a Bing tile layer:

- There's also this Leaflet plugin:

From reading the documentation on the OL Bing layer and the code for the
last Leaflet TileLayer it definitely looks like there's some demands on
attribution. Maybe there's more. 


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