Re: Connecting event to underlying actor widget

* Jiří Techet [2011-11-26 00:55 +0100]:
Hi Nicolas,

On Thu, Nov 24, 2011 at 19:06, Nicolas Évrard <nicoe altern org> wrote:
I'd like to integrate libchamplain to the tryton client. So I am
currently playing a bit with the library and I am trying to do a
simple application in python (code at the bottom).

My first issue is at line 20. I'd like to connect the motion event to
a callback but I never receive any event. I tried other events without
any success. Is there anything specific to do ?

Yes, only reactive actors generate events. You have to call
set_reactive(True) on ChamplainView object. See
clutter_actor_set_reactive () in clutter documentation for more

Thank you for your help.
Unfortunately, the only type of event I receive are
CLUTTER_LEAVE/ENTER events. (I catch them by connecting to the 'event'
event and printing the event type.

This is maybe a clutter bug that I have to investigate further. I'll
keep you posted.

(°> Nicolas Évrard
( ) Liège

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