Re: More changes in path drawing

On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 8:48 AM, Jiří Techet <techet gmail com> wrote:
> 2. You don't initialize threads. Please do it - libsoup loads tiles on
> background in separate threads and gobject has to be aware of that. In
> the old python bindings we would call
> gobject.threads_init()
> before clutter initialization. Not sure about how it should be called now.

Ok, I added GObject.threads_init() just before GtkClutter.init([]).

> 3. DON'T use clutter_actor_set_parent() unless you want to make your
> life hard (clutter documentation says something very similar).
> ClutterStage implements ClutterContainer interface so use
> clutter_container_add_actor() instead. I'm pretty sure this will
> resolve the animation problems of actors inserted into the stage.

I've also changed all instances of set_parent() to add_actor().

Neither of these things has had any effect. Without my workaround
(calling ChamplainView.queue_redraw() from inside a signal handler on
ChamplainView::paint signal), the actors animating in front of the map
still blank out the map and cause corruption of the ClutterText
exactly as I described before. Also, tiles are still wildly corrupted
during PathLayer rendering.

Any more thoughts? I was really excited when I got your message
because I thought I'd go home and everything would be fixed. :-(


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