Re: Many changes in layers and markers

On Sat, Feb 12, 2011 at 11:59 PM, Russell Strong <russell strong id au> wrote:
> Yeah, I think you have followed it.  The basic idea is that all drawing,
> sorting, and other expensive operations should be delayed until
> main_interation, so that they can be done once instead of every time the
> scenegraphs updated.  I haven't looked to closely but I think clutter
> has to take some of the blame for things like sorting.

Yeah, clutter is part of it, but Jiri's already created the
ChamplainGroup that avoids the sorting performed in ClutterGroup and
it's _still_ awfully slow. Cutting out the sorting sped up my
benchmark file from 22 minutes to 12 minutes, still a long ways away
from the 6s of the old API.

> My flows just showed the event ending and getting retriggered instead of
> your yielding approach, but essentially they are the same.

Cool, so I did understand.

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