Re: Many changes in layers and markers

On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 03:49, Robert Park <rbpark exolucere ca> wrote:
> Well, I've found a pretty big bug in ChamplainView.center_on. it's
> totally broken most of the time. Not sure what's going on at all. This
> assertion will raise an exception, frequently but not always:
>            view.center_on(lat, lon)
>            assert view.get_property('latitude') == lat
> The error can be up to 0.6 degrees in latitude and 0.4 for longitude.
> Let me know if you need more information. I'm not exactly sure how to
> debug this, but I can plainly see that center_on is broken something
> good.
> It seems to be worse in some areas than in others. if I try to center
> on 53.5505, -113.4688, it very frequently but not always puts me at
> 54.1628, -113.9062, and then if I close my app and re-open it (thus
> calling center_on with the incorrect coordinates from before), it then
> puts me at 54.9776, -113.9062. If I close and re-open again, it
> remains stable at this location.
> The odd thing is that *sometimes* when I center on the first
> coordinates, it works (such as when doing a search in my map search
> bar). From there it seems to work about 90% of the time. But when
> starting the app and doing a center_on from the gconf history, that's
> when it's the worst. I checked the values, and the correct values are
> being stored in gconf.

I'll look into this problem. I was simplifying ChamplainView and this
will probably be the side-effect.


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