Re: Many changes in layers and markers

Well, I've found a pretty big bug in ChamplainView.center_on. it's
totally broken most of the time. Not sure what's going on at all. This
assertion will raise an exception, frequently but not always:

            view.center_on(lat, lon)
            assert view.get_property('latitude') == lat

The error can be up to 0.6 degrees in latitude and 0.4 for longitude.

Let me know if you need more information. I'm not exactly sure how to
debug this, but I can plainly see that center_on is broken something

It seems to be worse in some areas than in others. if I try to center
on 53.5505, -113.4688, it very frequently but not always puts me at
54.1628, -113.9062, and then if I close my app and re-open it (thus
calling center_on with the incorrect coordinates from before), it then
puts me at 54.9776, -113.9062. If I close and re-open again, it
remains stable at this location.

The odd thing is that *sometimes* when I center on the first
coordinates, it works (such as when doing a search in my map search
bar). From there it seems to work about 90% of the time. But when
starting the app and doing a center_on from the gconf history, that's
when it's the worst. I checked the values, and the correct values are
being stored in gconf.

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