Re: libchamplain vala binding, libchamplainAPI and other things

On Tue, 2009-10-13 at 21:57 +0200, Quikee wrote:
> I managed to make a emerillion plugin written partially in vala
> working today and I quickly hacked up a gpx viewer. There is only one
> C file responsible to communicate with ethos and emerillion and pass
> values to vala written core.
Cool! Actually, I think you can even write that "core" in pure Vala too
with Ethos, since it allows you to write plugins in Vala, python and

> The attached file includes the sources for gpx-viewer plugin,
> gpx-parser, champlain.vapi.
> Additionally to this includes the changes in
> plugins/
> The last thing that needs to be added into is:
> AM_PROG_VALAC([0.7.0])
Ideally when sending lots of changes, it is more efficient through a git
branch. :)

> I don't know what the right way is to add support for vala but this is
> what was working for me.
Right, as I said before not exactly the best but we'll work to have
bindings in Emerillon for Vala (and other languages through

> gpx-viewer is only quickly created hack to show it can be done (in
> vala) and not nearly completed. If interest I will work on this plugin
> (and others) to make it usable but for a week I have other things I
> need to do (study for exam).
Cool, once all the work for Vala plugins are in we can merge it and
continue from there!  I can see a "Track" menu growing up, with options
such as Open, Recent files, Close, Save as...


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