Re: libchamplain vala binding, libchamplainAPI and other things

> Cool! Actually, I think you can even write that "core" in pure Vala too
> with Ethos, since it allows you to write plugins in Vala, python and
> Javascript.
Yes I know. My next task is to set up a plugin to be 100% written in
vala. Only thing missing currently is emerillion vala bindings.

> Ideally when sending lots of changes, it is more efficient through a git
> branch. :)
I will set up a branch in the future.

> Right, as I said before not exactly the best but we'll work to have
> bindings in Emerillon for Vala (and other languages through
> GObject-instrospection).

> Cool, once all the work for Vala plugins are in we can merge it and
> continue from there!  I can see a "Track" menu growing up, with options
> such as Open, Recent files, Close, Save as...
Yes, once this work is done it will be a lot easier for me. I have
already made plans to create other plugins but first I will
concentrate on this one :). For the first release of plugin I plan to
support just showing of one track and later on multiple tracks,
calculation of distance. Once this is done other operations could be
done like track 'simplification' (removing not needed points), adding
of comments to tracks, editing,.. This things are more tricky.

For other plugin like wikipedia, earthquakes and weather are easy to
do (services are available via geonames) but it would be nice if
ChamplainView could return the currently shown bounding box. I think I
could get this now using get_coords_at with get_size but a special
function is more appropriate.

Unfortunately I won't be able to do anything at least not until
Wednesday as I have to study for DSP exam.


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