ANNOUNCE: Emerillon 0.1 released

The "you 2 can haz nice maps" release.

What is it ?
Emerillon is a map viewer. Aiming at simple user interface, Emerillon is
a powerful, extensible application. It features OpenStreetMap based
maps.  Use it to browse maps, search the map for places, placemark
places for later quick access and more!

Web Site:


The latest reviewed code is always available from:

Emerillon 0.1 (2009-10-14)

Preview release.
First ever release.

New Plugins:
 * Search
 * Placemarks
 * Copy Link
 * Map Position

Added/updated translations:
 * ar, courtesy of Khaled Hosny
 * fr, courtesy of Claude Paroz and Pierre-Luc Beaudoin
 * id, courtesy of Andika Triwidada
 * sl, courtesy of Matej Urbančič
 * sv, courtesy of Daniel Nylander

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