Re: A lot of new API added

On Mon, 2009-05-04 at 17:19 +0100, Colin Clark wrote:
at about line 74 in the demo launcher-gtk.c, when changing the map the
terminal output shows the map_id, not the map_name.

Could you past the Map ID you get? A map id is something like
"osm::mapnik" while a map name is "OpenStreetMap Mapnik".
If you are getting the map id, it is a mistake in the code :)

Yes, it is definitely  the id not the name.

In this section of champlain_map_source_factory.c, about lines 335:

static ChamplainMapSource *
champlain_map_source_new_oam (void)
return CHAMPLAIN_MAP_SOURCE (champlain_network_map_source_new_full (CHAMPLAIN_MAP_SOURCE_OAM,
     "(CC) BY 3.0 OpenAerialMap contributors",
     "";, 0, 17, 256,

CHAMPLAIN_MAP_SOURCE_OAM is the id not the name which get passed to champlain_network_map_source_new_full().

Is this correct?

Colin Clark..

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