Re: A lot of new API added

For the last 3 days, I spent a lot of time adding some missing features
in libchamplain.  To do so, I had to break the API a little bit.  But
hey, it is allowed, since this is unreleased stuff!

If you update to the latest version today, here are the additions you'll
      * ChamplainCache: libchamplain now has a full fledge intelligent
      * ChamplainMapSourceFactory: a way to query for available map
      * ChamplainMapSourceDesc

You will also discover that I added a lot of documentation.  You can
preview it here:

All this was added this week-end so that a 0.3 development release can
happen Monday May 4th in the evening. Ideally, the bindings should be
updated before the first release of development version.
champlain_map_source_get_name now returns map_id rather than map_name. Is this the correct function, or have I confused things?

Actually, map_id was what I wanted in this case. On shut down of an application, read current map_id and store it in a configuration file, then on start-up it is easier to use map_id instead of map_name to initialise a map.

Colin Clark..

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