Re: Libchamplain and libchamplain-gtk now as one

On Fri, 2009-02-13 at 11:38 +0530, Debarshi Ray wrote:
> > I just pushed a lot of commits to libchamplain's git repo.  I decided
> > (and have been told) that there is no need for 2 different repo.  I
> > think I created 2 repo because I didn't know how to use autotools back
> > when I created the project.
> >
> > So from now on, by default, ChamplainViewEmbed will be compiled and
> > installed.  To disable this, pass --disable-gtk to the configure script.
> When will we have this in the form of a release? I am asking since
> libchamplain is now part of Fedora, and I have submitted one for
> libchamplain-gtk. If we are going to have a merged release sometime
> soon, then I will withdraw libchamplain-gtk.

I doubt there will be a 0.4 release before some months.  There is a lot
of features to write before that (such are Routes and general clean-ups)

Also, even though there share the same git repo, libchamplain and
libchamplain-gtk should still be packaged separately.  Some people might
not need the gtk+ view.


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