No problems this time, just a question.

The function I'm working on is to allow a user to drag a non-geocoded photo thumbnail onto a champlain map, pick up the lat/lon coordinates of the drop and geocode them into the exif of the file.

Because the drop event only gives me x/y, the only way I can see to achieve this is:

1. pick up the x/y from the drop event
2. create a new clutter_event, and load the x/y into it
3. call champlain_view_get_coords_from_event() with the created event as a parameter

This is a bit convoluted, but seems to work perfectly well, so I'm pretty happy.

But is there a better way? Would a champlain_view_get_coords_from_x_y() be useful in other circumstances also?

Colin Clark..

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