[LaTeXila] [ANNOUNCE] LaTeXila 2.2.0


After three weeks of string freeze, LaTeXila 2.2 is out!

Many thanks to all contributors and translators.

Since the 2.0 version, there are two big improvements:

1) There are more build tools (to compile, convert and view a document).  
   Latexmk is used by default instead of Rubber (but Rubber is still 
   available). And the "low-level" commands such as pdflatex, dvipdf, 
   bibtex, … can also be used.

   When a problem occurs during a document compilation, it's easier to 
   diagnose it with Latexmk than with Rubber, since there are more 

   For more details, read the new documentation (Help -> Contents).

2) In the side panel, there is now the document structure: a list of 
   chapters, sections, figures, tables, labels, etc etc to easily 
   navigate in the document.

   Some actions can be performed on a structure item, such as cut, copy, 
   delete, comment, shift left or shift right. Shift left/right can be 
   applied only on sections. For example, you have a big section, and 
   you want to transform it into a chapter. That's the shift left.  
   Obviously, all sub-sections become sections, etc.

   But even with the structure, for a big document it can be difficult 
   to find some items. That's why there are also "simple lists" at the 
   top. You can display a simple list of only one type of items, for 
   example only the labels. If you click on a label in the simple list, 
   the corresponding item in the complete structure will also be 
   selected, and the document's cursor is at the line where the label 

There are also a lot of other little improvements and bug fixes. For 
more details, see the NEWS file.

Some notes:
- There is a script to migrate the dconf settings from the 2.0 version 
to the 2.2 version: data/migrate-dconf-data.sh

- To compile LaTeXila, ITS Tool is now required.

- The tarball contains the C code generated, but the "releases-*" Git 
branches have been removed.


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