Re: [LaTeXila] [ANNOUNCE] LaTeXila 2.2.0

El 26/08/11 11:53, Sébastien Wilmet escribió:

After three weeks of string freeze, LaTeXila 2.2 is out!

Congrats for the new release!

Many thanks to all contributors and translators.

Since the 2.0 version, there are two big improvements:

1) There are more build tools (to compile, convert and view a document).
    Latexmk is used by default instead of Rubber (but Rubber is still
    available). And the "low-level" commands such as pdflatex, dvipdf,
    bibtex, … can also be used.

    When a problem occurs during a document compilation, it's easier to
    diagnose it with Latexmk than with Rubber, since there are more

    For more details, read the new documentation (Help ->  Contents).

2) In the side panel, there is now the document structure: a list of
    chapters, sections, figures, tables, labels, etc etc to easily
    navigate in the document.

This is a very nice feature!


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