Re: DuckDuckGo Search Plugin

2011/6/9 Isaac Aggrey <isaac aggrey gmail com>:
> On Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 3:03 PM, Isaac Aggrey <isaac aggrey gmail com> wrote:
>> I've created a DuckDuckGo search plugin
>> ( for Kupfer, which is based on
>> the Wikipedia search plugin.
>> I've called it a 0.1 release since it doesn't handle spaces (Kupfer
>> interprets spaces as pluses in text-mode), so only single terms can be
>> searched at the moment.
> I mistakenly/unintentionally blamed Kupfer for interpreting spaces as
> pluses in text-mode, but I've fixed the issue (courtesy of Francesco
> M.!) and pushed the change to my repo.
> * forgive my netiquette if I've abused the mailing list (I tried! --
> - Isaac


Keep an eye open, if ddg can provide an API for instant/in-kupfer
search results like we have with a google plugin, that would be great.


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