Re: browsing the file hierarchy

2011/11/1 Kasi <popsch gmx net>:
> Hi,
>  A minor nuisance in kupfer is that I cannot browse files upward in
> the hierarchy right from an catalog entry. To explain what I mean
> consider this example:
> The catalog contains /a/b/c
> The directory /a/b/c/d exists.
> * kupfer => c gives /a/b/c in the source
> * Pressing  'd + <right arrow>' goes into directory a/b/c/d
> * Pressing '<left arrow>' goes back into /a/b/c
> * Pressing '<left arrow>' again goes to the catalog instead showing
> directory /a/b
> This would speed up browsing when you know a catalog entry near the
> location to which you want to get to.
> Is this somehow achievable with kupfer right now?
> Thanks.

Confusingly, the `Source` base class has methods for `get_parent`, but
they were never put to use, I think David has explained why. It's not
ideal, but the object model in kupfer is simple, too simple. Objects
don't have a home, and file browsing is just like browsing other kinds
of collections (recent documents). Unfortunately this means that ←
more often works like erase than go up.

One thing we can do with kupfer right now is to add "Go Up"/"Get
Parent Folder" for any file object. There's no nice way to bind that
to a hotkey, but generic action hotkeys would be nice (Alt + something
performs action on selected object, Alt + ← would be a given for
parent folder.)


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