Kupfer: "Go To" vs. "Launch again"

I LOVE Kupfer. Thanks!

I would like to switch the default verb for an application that is running (or believed to be running) to 'Launch again' from 'Go To'. 

Why? Well, first, "Go To" doesn't seem to understand multiple workspaces (desktops) so it doesn't work lots of the time for me (choosing go-to results in no action). Also, Kupfer gets confused: I have 4-5 different profiles in Gnome-Terminal, each mapped to a different .desktop launcher, and it cannot distinguish between them. Thus, if I have terminal "A" opened locally, but want to quickly launch another terminal "B" with ssh session to another server, Kupfer /thinks/ that I already have B open, probably because both .desktop files refer to gnome-terminal.

So, can I do this in the config file?

Also, thanks to Nasser Alshammari for the new icon; it's nice. However, the indicator panel image stands out on current flavors of Ubuntu themes... which all have a sort of monochrome look. I can make a variant for current Ubuntu themes, if Mr. Alshammari doesn't mind.

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