Re: [jokosher-devel] Jokosher 0.9

Is there a package for 0.9 in gutsy? The ubuntu package search page
still shows version 0.2-1.1
And does it work in feisty?


On 5/16/07, Laszlo Pandy <laszlok2 gmail com> wrote:
> I didn't realise it was jono's job to do this.

I guess anyone could do it, but I don't have upload access to so its not gonna be me.

> All I want to know is when
> is called official. I thought the runscript was needed because of old
> gstreamer versions in ubuntu. Whatever, Fedora 7 now has all the
> requirements and I can build an rpm to go with it, just as soon as 0.9
> is tagged and released - hopefully today. :)

Oh, is been released. The tarball in final. A package made from the
tarball is already uploaded to Ubuntu Gutsy so we can't change anything
now. That tarball is final.


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