Re: [jokosher-devel] Adding support for NewStuffManager

Sebastian Pösterl wrote:

I'm the maintainter of NewStuffManager[1] and I have an idea to enhance Jokosher.

First of all, Jokosher really rocks and it rocks even more to see that such a great application is written in Python.

My proposal is to enhance the user's experience by adding support for NewStuffManager. NewStuffManager is a D-Bus service that runs in background, downloads plugins for you and copies them to the right location. As Jokosher supports extenstion this would make perfectly sense to me. That way the user could easily see when updates for a plugin are available or browse a list of additional plugins. Then he/she simply clicks update or install and it's done.

Deskbar-Applet already has an optional support for NewStuffManager. So you could basically borrow the code from there.

I'm certainly available for further questions or even helping to implement support for NewStuffManager.

So what do you think about my proposal?

Sounds pretty awesome. I've never used NewStuffManager, so I have a few questions:
 - Is it like KHotNewStuff in KDE or something different?
- Does it provide a GUI for us, or do we have to do that ourselves and hook it up to the dbus service? - Is it packaged for Ubuntu, Fedora, etc? This would be needed if we want to fully depend on it.

We could use this for both extensions and presets, which would be really cool. Thanks for the suggestion. :)


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