Re: [jokosher-devel] Good news - Jokosher latency/sync problem solved

On 9/14/06, Tom Moitie <t moitie gmail com> wrote:
Jono Bacon wrote:
> When I get a moment I will look into writing a fix so that it doesn't
> use device=default. :)

Just a suggestion here. I'm not too sure how you're running this
project, but would it be worth making a fix to the 0.1 branch and making
a small release?
Tom Moitie (moitio)

I don't think so, 0.1 is still useful, this is just a bugfix and a
compelling bugfix for 0.2. In any case, if people properly select the
instrument connection from the dialog, they will get the in sync
behaviour. We just need to make 0.2 not use device=default. :)


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