[jokosher-devel] Jokosher at LinuxWorld London

Hello Folks,

I've put my hairy conkers on the line and chalked my name up on the (until now) blank board of people pimping Jokosher at LinuxWorld London. I'm the perfect fit as I know nothing about Python, have never used Jokosher in anger and have not attended a LinuxWorld before! So consider me the Marshall Applewhite of Jokosher and join me in drinking the heady citrus-and-phenobarbitone concotion that is a booth in the .org pavilion at LinuxWorld "Comet Hale-bopp" London. If get my drift.

Jono has some good suggestions such as recording a podcast on Jokosher "editing-by-the-seat-of-your-pants" 0.1 and dishing out whichever poor sap of a distro has decided to include the first release on its cd. I'm thinking live here, not installable. I have an epiphone SG which I think I'll take for people to bash out some tunes to and general piss-off the rest of the pavilion.

Join me. JOIN ME!

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