Re: [jokosher-devel] Thanks guys!

Stuart Langridge wrote:
> On 10/27/06, Jason Field <jason jasonfield com> wrote:
>> Stuart Langridge wrote:
>> > Jono (or anyone else with Cubase): what's the format of a project
>> From a quick look at some Cubase SX 2 files from my work machine, I'd
>> say it's a customised version of the RIFF file format which is quite
>> interesting (for those not used to messing with file data, the RIFF
>> format is a structure used in WAV files and also some video formats
>> IIRC).
>> From a coding point of view, it's a bit more of a pain than if it was in
>> XML or similar, but a lot better than a completely unkown binary format.
> That's the audio; where's all the project metadata? Or is that in the
> audio files too?
> sil
Sorry I should have been clearer - I was referring to the .cpr project
files. That's why I thought it was interesting that they're in the RIFF
format. A WAV is always in the RIFF format hence wouldn't have piqued my
curiosity :).

I assume that all of the audio files are in standard WAV format, and are
then referenced by name from the .cpr file. I'm at work so I don't have
the time to do a thorough investigation unfortunately. I'll try to get
the time to have a more thorough look tonight.


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