[jokosher-devel] Please, please, please

This is a plea to people who have design and typing skills.

A lovely flyer was created for the Jokosher stand and I would hate for
it to go to waste.  I have time on my hands and can do one of three
things take a filled out flyer or jpeg of it, to shop's or the
University and get it printed or at least a quote.  I can also take
the time to print it myself.

However none of this will be possible if the flyer itself is not
actually filled in.  Now I am a lorry driver by trade and have no idea
how to edit and change the flyer so I send out a plea to those with
the relevant skills please hurry and fill in the flyer so something
can be done with it many thanks.

Please send a copy to me then I can crack on trying to sort out
getting it printed for the show Wednesday.

Seek That Thy Might Know

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