Re: [jokosher-devel] Jokosher/Telepathy session tomorrow!!

I probably will not be able to attend the session. Will it be recorded?


On 11/10/06, Stuart Langridge <sil kryogenix org> wrote:
> OK, the Jokosher/Telepathy session is tomorrow at 9am California time.
> I hope as many of you can join in via VoIP. See
> for how to
> dial in and get involved. :)
> We will have the GStreamer and Telepathy teams there.

OK, I am now confused, because I'm not sure what "tomorrow" means and
it ain't on the schedule :)

Can you give an actual date and time that I can convert to GMT?


I had a black 1gb old Nano too, and that scratched like Grandmaster
   -- colly
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