Re: [jokosher-devel] New name for Instrument Connections

How about splitting up the instrument connections? The Instruments
menu would then be:
-- [other options]
-- Source <-- other name for 'connection'
-- -- (X) Input 1 <-- Radiobuttons, all inputs are listed here
-- -- (_) Input 2

One problem is that it would take a lot more time to connect a lot of
instruments to their inputs...



On 12/28/06, Laszlo Pandy <laszlok2 gmail com> wrote:
On 28/12/06, Jeff Ratliff <jefrat gmail com> wrote:
> My vote would be to move "Instrument Connections" to the Instrument
> menu. Things like "Add Instrument" and "Change Instrument" are project
> level, but "Instrument Connections" is specific to Instruments. It's
> project related, but a subset of project, not inherent to project. If
> we're subdividing "project" with "Instrument" as a subconcept, things
> directly related to specific instruments should be in their own menu.
However all the things that are currently in the instruments menu are
actions that are only applied to the *currently selected* instruments.
Instrument connections allows you to change the properties of all the
instruments regardless of if they are selected or not. This is what
made me think it is different. And again, this does not resolve the
bug of instrument connections being non obvious and difficult to find.

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