Re: hildon-desktop patches from Ubuntu Mobile and Moblin

Thank you for reviewing these patches. See my comments below:
   * 05_hide_banner.patch:
     adds gconf support to enable/disable showing built-in hildon banner
     for app launching.

Why exactly do you want to be able to disable that?

We are showing a different banner in the middle of the screen when launching applications. When built-in hildon banner is enabled, it gets displayed in the top right corner after our banner disappears and it looks sort of strange.
   * 06_type_changes_for_64bit.patch:
     changes to support building on 64 bit platforms.

Commited with some fixes.

   * 07_home_window_menu_visibility.patch:
     adds gconf support to enable/disable showing of home window menu.

   * 08_home_window_titlebar_visibility.patch:
adds gconf support to enable/disable showing of home applet titlebar.

Why would you want a titlebar without the menu, for example? This is a
good candidate for a new key in desktop.conf called "X-Titlebar=[0|1]"
for Home container. No need to gconf for that.

Good point. I'll rework the patch to use X-Titlebar.
   * 10_drag_event_fix.patch:
adds gconf support to allow propagation of drag events to home applet
     without having to click and hold for a certain period.

This should be done on a per-home-applet basis, not in the parent class
HildonDesktopHomeItem. You can just override button press event handling
on your specific applet in order to make it behave as you want.
The problem here is that drag events are not getting propagated from the parent HildonDesktopHomeItem to the child applet without a significant delay. It was not clear to me from the code if/how the applet could override the click drag behavior, as it seemed tied tightly to HildonDesktopHomeItem, so that is why I made the mod there. Do you have any pointers to examples of overriding this type of behavior?
No global variables, please.

Ok. Is preferred method adding it to private struct?
   * 15_libstartup_notification_crash_fix.patch: fix (Rusty Lynch) for crash on libstartup notification

What's the point of this one?

I didn't write this one, but I believe (came from Intel) it was to fix a crash that was occurring because of incorrectly formatted message string. Bob, do you recall the details on this patch?
   * 20_ifdef_fix.patch:
     bug fix for incorrect #ifdef in hd-switcher-menu.c that was causing
     build breakage.


I hope to have some time to review the other patches still this week.
thank you!



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