[HIG] RE: [Usability]shouldn't action-area-border of GtkDialogs be 6 by default?

Am Fre, 2003-04-11 um 04.37 schrieb Owen Taylor:

> > [... some discussion on GtkDialog's action-area-border style property ... ] 

> The reason that this bug takes some consideration is that it
> is an *incompatible API change* -- just as GNOME wants a value
> of 6 specifically, some other environment may specifically want
> the current values.
Now that I know what a style property is (it isn't documented anywhere
or at least I couldn't find the relevant docs :/) I'd like to have that
changed more than ever:
A style property seems to be nothing more than a theme's way to control
how to displays widgets, at least if I got the few information I found
So it wouldn't even require any change to GTK+'s API but just to it's
default style properties. And as between GTK+ 2.0 and 2.2 the default
selection color has been changed - which affects style properties, too,
I don't see any reason why changing this particular parameter conflicts
with the promised API/ABI stability.
Maybe we can even change GtkDialog's "button_spacing" style propery at
the same time to it's HIG_DEFAULT.



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