Re: [HIG] Mini-Guidelines content

At 8:18 PM +0100 8/14/01, Calum Benson wrote:
The discussion on this that followed was certainly useful, but a little
lower level than I'd had in mind when I suggested a "styleguide for the
styleguide"!  I was thinking more in terms of something like a suggested
format that we could use for each section.

Oops!  You're right, of course; this is really important.

For example, on the last set of guidelines I worked on, each sub-topic
followed something like this format:

Sub-topic name
Description of sub-topic (1 paragaph)
Further description of diagram if required (max. 2 paragraphs)
Heading "Guidelines"
Bulleted list of "required" guidelines
Bulleted list of "optional" guidelines
More detailed explanation of guidelines, including further tables and
diagrams if necessary (max. 1 page)

This works for me. Any objections to this basic format? Calum, do we need anything more detailed? Let's agree on this by, say, 00:00GMT Monday 20 August (5PM PDT on Sunday 8/19)?

Colin, can we work this into a docbook template? How far is this from the current format? (I haven't had a chance to look at the document you posted; I'll do that in the next hour or so.)


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