Re: [HIG] Mini-Guidelines content

colin z robertson wrote:
> I'm wondering what sort of areas we're looking to cover in the GNOME
> 2.0 Mini-Guidelines document. Here's a suggested list of things to
> include, all of it up for discussion.

I haven't thought about it much so far-- will do so in the bath tonight
and post tomorrow, cos I'm on my way home now :o)

I do know the Sun usability folks are collating all the responses
they've had to the usability report (well over 100, plus another 600 if
you include Slashdot!), partly so everyone's suggestions don't get lost,
and partly so we have an idea of which areas were the most
controversial/most in need of guidelines.  I'm expecting to see a draft
of this write-up by the end of the week, maybe we'll be able to take
some guidance from that.

> Is there anything else that needs to be included? Conversely, is there
> anything on this list that we should actually avoid for this document?

Well, as I mentioned yesterday I've been helping to draft a "GNOME
Accessibility Guide" which includes some guidelines-- most of which are
fairly generic Good Things To Do anyway.  A very early draft of the
document is online here:

It's not for public consumption yet as it's still rather rough--
although the guidlines themselves probably aren't likely to change much,
they just need tidying up and some examples included.  While
Accessibility is probably too big a topic to include in our Mini-HIG,
though, I think it would be a good idea to include as many of the
accessibility guidelines as we reasonably can in some form or another.


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