Re: [guadec-local] things to do

Hi Sanne,

On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 01:43:31PM +0100, Sanne te Meerman wrote:
> I think it's important that we create an overview of the things that are  
> important now, and find volunteers for it. I'm going to list some of the  
> things, and hope any of you can participate, or can help finding others.  
> Please reply if you or anyone else can pick something up. Koen, if  
> you're up for it, please reply, or let us know if you're still to ill to  
> respond.

> -setting up the foundation for financial traffic. Vincent, Olav,  
> Fabrice(?), what do you need to go forward here? Koen has mailed the  
> regulations.

We're working on that.

> -finishing website: Do any of you know this guy Vinicius? Can you  
> contact him? Or give an email so I can contact him?

Is being worked on !! I'm in close contact, and we're almost there. Basically
it needs to be put live, that's it.

> -getting preliminary program on the site. -do we have a webmaster yet?

There is no program yet. In regard to the webmaster, that's Sense (qense on irc) !

> -network at HHS: bruce any succes with that? Have you had any contact  
> with Koen about this yet?

We've been in contact.

> -create scenario with clear tasks and people responsible for all the  
> detail work that has to be done. I will start this on thuesday, based on  
> Dave notes on this (I think we really need this... there is a huge  
> twilight zone now Koen is ill. In case anyone else falls away the  
> following months, we need to know what to do.)

I'm not ill anymore :) The Twilight zone is not as scary as you think, i'm
getting back on track quickly.

> -minutes from last meeting... Koen, can you send them? Or if I've missed  
> them.. someone forward them?

I think i've sent them already, just in case i'll forward them to this list
in another mail.

> -next meeting: I have just replied to email by Koen, to get together on  
> 3rd of April. Hopefully you can do the same.

Yes, please, would be really great to have everyone together.

Anyway, the above points are mostly being worked on, and shouldn't be your
worries, these however:

> -pre conference: contents and how to approach government for this.  
> Vincent? Shall we work together on this?
> -deciding on the keynotes, see below. It's really fun to check them out  
> on the web, decide who can bring something to GUADEC. Would be more fun  
> if someone would help with this, though. See below how far we are.
> -press contacts- I've emailed before a preliminary list. Anyone wants to  
> finalize this list? See below

As well as the government funding and (local) sponsoring.

I've said it before: that's quite a handful for you already. Please worry
about those things, and let me worry about the rest :)) Your work on those
issues is very important and appreciated and probably the most important:
without content it'd be a pretty silly conference :)



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