Re: [guadec-local] pre-conference

Dave Neary schreef:
Hi Sanne,

Sanne te Meerman wrote:
-I'm suggesting a couple of sessions, presentations... suggestions,

If the target for the half-day is government, then sessions on things
like thin clients, management of big deployments and how to do
co-development would be top of my list of sessions. Many government
agencies want to contribute, but don't knnow how, or are hamstrung by
 I'd like to see a "Hacking acquisition rules to use more
commercial free software" session, for example :)
I'm not sure what you mean... you mean government procurement rules?
-Who are the best people to approach for these sessions as speakers,
both within and outside or GNOME: i.e. Governments with experience with
gnome, (France?-gendarmerie), introduction of GNOME community

Gendarmerie -> contact Chris Kenyon in Canonical. If he didn't do the
sale himself, he will know the key people in the project who did, and
perhaps sort you out with a suitably high-level introduction.
ok, have you got an email?
Assemblée National -> Idem - it's Ubuntu again, although I believe
Linagora got that contract...

Other governments with GNOME experience: Andalucia, Extremadura, Bhutan,
Itaipu power station in Brazil, and in general the province of Paranà,
also Sao Paolo, for smaller more local examples,

should give you some more (older) examples.
thanks, I'll work with that.
-Can we use some of the material/focus later on in the real conference
(but then focusing more on technical side of things, i.e. deployment of
gnome with 500+ clients etc. (suggestion of Dave Neary).

I think it's a great idea to have one part of the conference focussed on
getting government GNOME users & prospects together,
I'm not sure what you mean here. You mean investigating which prospects there might be within government?
and another part of
the conference to enable conversations between govt & developers. Let's
limit the govt content in GUADEC to make sure that (a) it's the most
interesting possible and
yes, by having a small pre-conference with govt, we can leave out govt. sessions during the conference, was my idea.

(b) we allow those conversations to start.
Again, can you elaborate (sorry, could be me). You mean have few sessions and create possibilities for intereaction gov-gnome?

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