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Please note that Vincent has a note with info. If we have a bit of administration about the sizes they need, we can get more fuzzy clogs tomorrow at Haagse Souvenirs, and on Friday take care of different sizes (the guy from Haagse hovenier will come by, take back sizes that are too small (only unopened packages) and give needed sizes.

Maybe you can appoint a 'problem owner' and direct him to me, so I can explain the deal? By default it is now Reinout, but he might not be the guy with most time for this.

+31 6 14829390

William from Texas schreef:
Hi All (especially Phillip and Mario)

Please make sure that the speakers get a gift. We have fuzzy "Holland shoes" for speakers, in many sizes. We are keeping these in Central Command (networking room), which is near the BoF room. Heralds should present the gift to the speakers after their speaking session. It might be good that each herald take 3-5 sets of shoes (depending on how many talks) at the start of their duty.

For the moment no speakers have been given gifts. We need to find these people. We can start with the new process after lunch today!!!

Lemme know if you have any questions.......


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