[guadec-local] Initial videography schedule

Hi all,

I've put together a preliminary schedule for videoing the GUADEC talks
(attached). If anybody has a problem with the slot I've allocated them,
please let me know ASAP. At the moment, we've only got Wednesday fully
covered for videoing; if anyone is able to do more videoing on Thursday
or Friday (or knows someone who is), please let me or Koen know.

Please turn up at least 15 minutes before the start of the first talk
you're videoing (i.e. at 09:15 or 13:45, depending on whether you're
videoing the morning or afternoon) and make yourself known at the
registration desk. You'll be given instructions on how to use the

"Wednesday 28th",Morning,"Koen Martens","Tobias Müller","Pablo Castellano",,,
,Afternoon,"Sense Hofstede","Willem-Jan Faber","Adolfo Benedetti",,,
"Thursday 29th",Morning,,,,,,
,Afternoon,"Cosimo Cecchi",,,,,
"Friday 30th",Morning,,"Philip Withnall",,,,

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