Re: [guadec-local] Number of attendees BBQ

> Hi all,
> I'm trying organize a barbecue party at the beach on Thursday the
> 29th. Things are looking good, but I have to make an educated guess
> about the total number of people that will show up for something like
> this. Does anybody have any experience from e.g. previous years? Do we
> know how many people bring their spouse and/or children?
> Right now I'm guessing 400 people. Does that feel way off to anybody?
> Cheers,
> Jeroen.

I have a feeling that's a bit on the high side...300 seems better. We
have a little over 200 registrations so far.

Maybe someone with a little more knowledge on past GUADECs can us out

Kind regards,

P.S. Crossposting to guadec-planning to get an answer to this question.

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