Re: [guadec-list] anti-harassment policy


On Mon, Jul 07, 2014 at 03:08:52PM -0400, Hashem Nasarat wrote:
Thank you for working on this!

Many of the concerns you brought up have been responded to in the
following FAQ:

I don't want to keep this discussion going, but:
- regarding the first faq item you link to, I agree that having a formal
  list of things that are considered as bad, plus some sanctions when
  someone does something wrong is good. This does not mean we cannot use
  a more positive phrasing before listing what is prohibited, and the
  sanctions if something were to go wrong
- regarding the 2nd faq item, I did not say either that having this
  antiharassment policy was censorship, I specifically complained about
  the arbitrary ban on sexualized imagery which was added in the
  antiharassment policy, while it's only vaguely related to harassment.


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