[guadec-list] [Reminder] GUADEC committee meeting on 10 October 2011 UTC 14:00

Hi all,

The next GUADEC committee meeting wil be on Monday, 10 October, at 16:00 UTC. Other time zones include:
	• 09:00 Los Angeles/San Francisco
	• 12:00 Boston/Montreal/New York
	• 17:00 London
	• 18:00 Berlin/Madrid
	• 05:00 Auckland (11 October)

The IRC channel for the meeting is: irc://irc.gnome.org/#guadec

The page for this week's meeting is: http://live.gnome.org/GUADEC/GUADEC-2011-1010

Best regards,
Bob Murphy


	• Has there been a decision on dates?
	• Finances/accounting: has there been a decision on which organization will handle money? If not, should we hold a separate meeting about this?
	• Update on email list (guadec-local and guadec-planning) and web site status
	• Status from local team
	• Set up sponsor group from the local and international teams to work on the sponsor brochure, and once that's done, to contact possible sponsors.
	• Should this GUADEC include a distro summit? Any other special-purpose workshops?
	• Discuss other options for sponsor opportunities - lightning talks, demo slots, labs, etc.
	• Other items

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