Re: [guadec-list] Guadec Planning Meeting Notes - 20th January 2007

Thomas Wood wrote:
Paul Cooper wrote:
----- Anne �tergaard <anne oestergaard nu> wrote:
Could you tell us which 4 keynotes who have accepted.
Yes, in no particular order; Ari Jaaksi, Robert Love, Alex Graveley, and Jono Bacon.

The reason I am asking is that we need fliers or better postcards for
coming events to inform other communities about GUADEC.

I put this item on the agenda for the next board meeting:

Print material: Postcards or fliers to announce next GUADEC's time
and venue, and major keynotes or highlights. If possible ready for
FOSDEM 24-25th of February. (Ask the Birmingham team to prepare.)

Now I have already asked you directly.
I'll open this out to the community - anyone want to design a postcard flyer for distribution? Feel free to ping me for more info if you need it.

I still have some of the flyers we gave out at LinuxWorld, but we could certainly do with some more. Especially if we could get some more information on them (such as who will be speaking etc).
Just adding some names of keynote speakers sounds quite easy to do. If it's possible for you to print some more, I'm happy to add the names in for you.
- Andreas

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