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Advisory : hard wording coming along as I'm tired
and not at all inclined to be nice when I read that.

Dave said :

> > I've just noticed this:
> >
> > Which seems to imply that people are working on a 150 page booklet for the
> > conference programme.

You've just what ? Are you talking about the page you've been subscribed to all along ?
Did wiki changes notification just stopped working ?
But, first, where is the schedule ? All I've seen is a list of sessions.
Did I missed it again ?

> > This is lunacy.

This is what people asked for. I already said, mid-joking, that it would be as thick
as a book.

> > The outstanding thing which I said I would take care of, and which
> > it now looks like I won't have time to do so, is laying out the schedule.

Oh ! And isn't that a requisite for a printed program ?
Are you making heat to hide the fact that the schedule is not really define
and until now whatever has been said is fuzzy and subject to interpretation ?
Take two person on the list, ask them what is the schedule and they can
tell you two different story.

What is take so much pages are session description and bio, it can be cut.
I don't know the schedule so I won't make magic.

Dave, I do objectively understand your points.
Personnaly and honestly, I really, really didn't liked the way you did raised them.

Gil said :

> I also think we are out of time to do anything big, properly. We better
> do something small, but properly and useful.

IMHO, the design is simple to scale, it can be reuse if you want.

> If what we are demanding is too much for a volunteer effort I'm happy to
> commission someone to do the work professionally, working full time on
> this until it's properly done.

It's a more time consuming effort then it seems.
You should probably do that as I give up, sorry, I don't have the time to argue,
and objectively, probably to do it if the schedule keep to be a moving target.
And I don't feel like working on it anymore.

Sorry Sara, you did great, hope you didn't loose your time.
-- Ludovic Danigo

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