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Dear colleagues, we have still plenty of time to argue. Save your
energies to June 15th and onwards, where the stress levels will be
possibly much higher than now.  :)

Myself I'm a bit stressed, perhaps this is why I understand partly Dave,
partly Ludovic... and partly myself  ;)  when I ask to move forward and
get to solutions that make us happy instead of angry.


The GUADEC Committee needs someone to produce a useful, handy and
nice-looking printed program of <40 A5 pages. To be delivered on June
1st for revision and June 5th the latest to go to the print. We have
some budget for people able to do the job properly:

A - 300€ for ToC and materials retrieval.

B - 300€ for English writing and editing.

C - 300€ for graphic design and composition.

You can apply for one task, two or the thee of them. It can be anyone,
we only need some references showing that you can assume the tasks.

Sara and Ludovic have preference on A C, since they have been working
already on this as volunteers. Native English speakers have preference
in B, specially Davyd because he has volunteered in such tasks

This means if Sara, Ludovic and Davyd accept each one a task we don't
need to look further. If they can't, I'll post the request to
guadec-list, foundation-list, and Planet GNOME.

THIS IS URGENT. Send your feedback asap. 

Quim Gil /// |

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