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Al 23/03/06 11:10, En/na Quim Gil ha escrit:
> Yesterday I blogged about guadec-local through
> - reaching GNOME
> Planet. 
> Hopefully this brings more people to the list, although we still need to
> hit the local-local media: Farga, Caliu, Softcatalà, Puntbarra... 
> Toni, every time you release new version of Firefox in Catalan it's
> difficult not to know about it for people reading Catalan online and
> living in this planet.  ;)  Could you apply the same level of diffusion
> to the launch of this list to see if we finally get the local groups
> involved? 

Hi qgil!
I would write a piece of news about the possible Guadec-local meeting,
when confirmed (Ludovic?), we might have in Vilanova on April 8. I would
use it also for introducing GUADEC to Calan community through Softcatalà
and I hope la Farga, Caliu and other media will reproduce it as well.

Apart from the original buttons and banners (,
are others being created based on the new elected design?

* Toni Hermoso Pulido
 email: toniher softcatala org
   gpg: B67B43DC

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