[guadec-list] Places where there should be a link to the call for papers


I just wrote a blog entry for the call for papers, and was navigating around the site a bit, and there are definitely a few more places where we should add a link to "Submit an abstract".

 * Front page, sidebar
  - Publish just doesn't get the meaning across.
 * Schedule page
- Right at the top - "Submit an abstract for the conference! Deadline is March 31st" * Front page, news item (at the bottom of the first news item, before the "Read more" fold)
  - People need to be aware the deadline is March 31st.
 * After someone is logged in
- It's a fair assumption that people will be registering for the site to submit a paper. A link to "Submit an abstract" in the user account page (in the sidebar, perhaps) would be useful.
 * The list of presentations already submitted
- Where is this??? I couldn't find it. It should also have a link to submit.


David Neary
bolsh gimp org

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