[guadec-list] Call for Participation procedure

Dave suggeste d awhile ago to take this as an example for the call for
papers/participation http://xtech.org/2006/call.asp

The more I see it the more I like it, we can adapt it to GUADEC.

About the submission and selection process, what about this:

- People can request a session directly and publicly on the website
filling a form with defined fields i.e. title, summary, description,
keywords, suggested track/profile, links, attachments...

- The committee selects the sessions to be held during the three GUADEC
core days, and we sponsor the travel and accomodation expenses to the
speakers of this official selection requesting it.

- About the non selected sessions, the committee just checks they are
on-topic. If they are, they will find a place during The Approach
Weekend or the After Hours - since we have plenty of room and time
available. We don't cover the expenses of those, although we can make an
exception if we think it's worth (and we have the resources).

This way each sesion will have already a node/page in the site that can
be edited by its author(s) adding content, attachments etc when GUADEC
approaches. Also, these pages are open to comments and threads,
contributing to the warming up and the pre work of the sessions.

All this enforces openness and participation, two key aspects of the
GNOME project.

This open process might stop some people not being sure about the
possibility of being elected for he official GUADEC core. We can avoid
this problem by letting a door open to private comments/evaluation - a
simple email address - about the suitability an interest of the
committee for a specific session suggested.

Quim Gil - http://desdeamericaconamor.org

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