Re: [guadec-list] New new version of the Brochure :)


1) i've registered in the beta site some days ago. I am in Porto, Portugal and i'd like to know if i can use the brochure to try get some sponsorship to the event. We have some national major player web companies starting to devote some attention to Free Software. One of them has some interests in Spain. So... maybe i could give it a try.

2) I contacted the Youth Hostal for possible single room reserve, but had no reply :|

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Quim Gil wrote:
The prices appear in the form of the next page, which is probably enough.

In any case, let's consider this version the 1.0. We can start
distributing it to possible sponsors. Anything coming from now on will
be part of a v1.1.

¡Congratulations! Special thanks to Ludovic for his effort and patience.
Also thanks to Davyd and the rest of people that made a contribution by
proofreading and suggesting improvements.

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