Re: [guadec-list] New new version of the Brochure :)

Hi Pedro,

En/na pedro mg ha escrit:
> i'd like to know if i can use the brochure to try get some
> sponsorship to the event

Yes of course, but we recommend you to tell us about your moves before
doing them, to avoid overlapping. Feel free to write me if you need some

Nobody has contacted any possible sponsor in Portugal, as far as we know.

> 2) I contacted the Youth Hostal for possible single room reserve, but
> had no reply :|

We plan to book the whole Youth Hostel (soon) to get a better price for
group reservation. We have asked them for a quote and specfic terms and
conditions (i.e. when do we need to pay). Maybe this is why they didn't
respond to you.  :?

After solving some basic points these days (brochure, visa information,
sponsorship to participants) travel and accommodation early bookings
come next.

Quim Gil -

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