[guadec-list] Possible Session Topic in relation to gnome.org and guadec.org w/Drupal

I know there is initial work being done on the wiki, I was wondering if there was something planned for organizing and collaborating on the gnome.org reorganization and redesign... If there are no sessions organized, I think a session to gather the people interested in helping with the gnome.org redesign/reorgnization would be great.

Session Title:

   Gnome.org site organization & redesign sessions


* Use whiteboard/Large sheets of paper to capture the discussion/ideas
* Share our experiences with using Drupal for guadec.org
* Information Architecture
   - Identify the audience, needs, use cases and purpose of the site
   - Identify high, medium, low priority elements
   - Discuss potential workflow, processes scenarios
* Initial mockup / collaboration
   - Mood board
   - Layout
   - Identity, Look & Feel
* Responsibility delegation

Is something already planned?  Who would be the best person to organize/run this?

John Hwang

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